How to identify fake online casinos

With the advent of online casinos, there has been a significant rise in the number of casino players. As it gives the players an added convenience of playing right from their homes on the PC or mobile phone, there are more players trying their hands at online casinos.

These offer both entertainment and a good source of extra earnings. But here are a lot of fake online casinos. Several of them have been involved in massive scams and have looted from players all over the world. When you decide to play an online casino, especially before you make an investment or place your bet, verify the genuineness of the casino and its reliability.

Types of casino scams and frauds

Rigged software

Some online casinos have rigged software which might make it difficult for you to win. The software would be designed so as to maximize the profits of the casino and reduce your odds of winning.

Bonus scams

Some casinos promise no deposit bonuses. There are bonuses offered on the deposits as well. Some casinos might not credit your no-deposit bonuses as promised. Some might end up retrieving the amount from your future investments gradually. It might be difficult to identify this unless you carefully keep tracking your account and credits.

Withdrawal delays

Some casinos might remain genuine till the stage of crediting no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses and even have genuine software and might play their game when it comes to the withdrawal of your winnings. They might unnecessarily prolong the processing of your transaction. In some cases, where the amount is small, some users wait for too long to get their money credited and lose hope and never get back to claim it. This is another type of scam that to look out for.

Vanishing in thin air

    Sometimes some fake online casinos altogether stop responding to the customer and blatantly withdraw from making the user his payments. They might refuse to pay the winnings or might only permit the withdrawal of a part of the winnings.

    Tips to identify fake casinos

    Name reliability

    Check for the experience of the online casino. The reliability of the casino should be evaluated thoroughly. There are many real world casinos that have their online versions. This would be a much easier option when it comes to the trust factor. You could always walk to the physical casino outlet to get your issue sorted out.

Calls or emails demanding personal information

None of the genuine casinos would give you a call or send an email asking for your bank account details, credit or debit card information or account passwords and other information.Maintaining the privacy of the customers and security of the details you fill in your profile on the site are the main aspects you should look for in a casino site.Whenever you get promotional emails or follow-up emails from the casino sites you have registered with,

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Customer support helpline

Most casino sites offer round-the-clock telephone support, email and live chat support for the customers. These are the most convenient ones.Anytime you face an issue with the game software or your account, in general, you could always get it resolved then and there.

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